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Transforming Lives

With Organic Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Meet Bernadette Williams

Spiritual Healer, Coach and Master Instructor

Meet Bernadette Williams and experience first-hand how essential oils combined with ancient energy-therapy techniques can assist you in healing physical, emotional and spiritual ailments. Bernadette integrates essential oils, tuning forks and color light therapy to assist those on their healing journey to: reverse unwanted behaviors; reduce anxiety, depression, addiction, mood swings and other unhealthy symptoms; and promote overall physical and emotional well-being. She also offers Facial Beauty Harmonics that combines high quality therapeutic grade  skin care products and essentials oils that may improve overall health. This holistic approach enhances the effect of the local treatment, and produces longer lasting results.

Meet Bernadette
About Butterfly Essentials & Spiritual Healing

About Butterfly Essentials & Spiritual Healing

Butterfly Essentials & Spiritual Healing was founded in 2010 by Bernadette Williams to assist individuals in their quest for physical, emotional and spiritual healing.  It is located four miles north of beautiful White Salmon, Washington, in the heart of the scenic Columbia River Gorge. It is our belief that the root of dis-ease and illness begins on the spiritual level.

Butterfly Essentials and Spiritual Healing’s mission is to empower and facilitate the spiritual healing of all who seek to heal themselves through their connection with the Divine. We utilize the following techniques to accomplish this mission:​

As a Certified Raindrop Harmonics Advanced Specialist, Certified Aromatherapy Coach, Master AromaSounds Instructor, Fully Certified CARE Instructor, Licensed Spiritual Healer, and Ordained Minister, Bernadette has integrated the teachings of a number of holistic and shamanic practices in order to provide these comprehensive spiritual healing services.

Butterfly Essentials & Spiritual Healing offers classes throughout the country on Raindrop Technique®, Vibrational Raindrop Technique® and Color Light Therapy, as well as classes on the many benefits of essential oils.

You will discover the complete line of Young Living Essential Oils and Products at the office in White Salmon, along with books, diffusers, essential oil jewelry and many other gift ideas.

Raindrop Technique

Raindrop Harmonics

VitaFlex Technique

Emotional Release 



Gemstone Therapy

Rites of


Color Light Therapy

Tuning Fork Therapy

Why Young Living Essential Oils

Why Young Living Essential Oils?

Keep reading to learn more!

Essential Oils & Products

All essential oils are not created equal. Young Living is passionate about creating the very best products and is dedicated to ensuring they meet the most stringent quality standards. With their unique process of planting, cultivating, harvesting and distilling they consistently produce oils that exceed even there own high expectations for excellence.

The result is the highest quality Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils on the market world wide. Their strict cultivation process – illustrated by the Four Ps – guarantees that their products offer unsurpassed safety and efficacy and promises that every essential oil they sell has the optimal amount of naturally beneficial constituents.

Using a gentle, proprietary technique for steam extracting the most potent essential oils, there distillation process ensures they have industry leading therapeutic grade distillation standards.

Years of experience Young Living is extremely knowledgeable in selecting the ideal botanicals for desired oil potency. They plant under optimal conditions, use prime soil and natural methods to encourage growth and know the precise time to harvest each crop.


Inside their state of the art testing facilities, every batch of essential oils is subjected to rigorous analysis. Those with even the slightest hint of possible impurity are rejected.


This unerring focus on quality ensures that the naturally occurring compounds contained in each of their products are of the highest and most consistent bioactive levels.


To purchase essentials oils and products you can schedule a time to meet with Bernadette at her office in White Salmon, WA or you can click here to order online.

Featured Product

Featured Oil: Eucalyptus Blue

Eucalyptus blue is grown and distilled on Young Living's farm in Ecuador. It is called the blue gum, a tree that has been cross-bred over 250 years in the wilds of the Andean Mountains in Ecuador and is a cross between Eucalyptus citriodora and Eucalytpus globulus. The native people of Ecuador have used the disinfecting leaves to cover wounds and to repel insects. This is the only eucalyptus that has been found in the world today that does not cause an allergic reaction in people who have allergies to eucalyptol.

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"Bernadette is one of the most an amazing women I've ever met. I appreciate how much she truly cares about my health and happiness, and I've experienced great healing from our sessions. Her in-depth knowledge and understanding of Essential Oils and their benefits for health and well-being is unparalleled."

— Crystal (White Salmon, WA)

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