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Harmonic Touch Therapy

Harmonic Touch Therapy is an assortment of healing modalities that are designed to be incorporated into a massage or any other type of healing session, but can also be used as stand-alone techniques, as well. The introductory classes are offered as four- or six-hour courses and they are approved for continuing education credit by the Natural Therapies Certification Board (NTCB) and the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB).

These courses were created by Dr. Christi Bonds-Garrett, MD, MA, CAP, CCP, to bridge the worlds of Western and Eastern healing therapies. Drawing on her decades of experience, she has interwoven a system of sound frequency, essential oils, color-light, and applied it to the human boifield via acupuncture points, reflex systems, and neuro-endocrine (chakra) centers.

Introductory Classes


Learn the history of sound healing, particularly as it applies to the octaves of Om. Overview of tuning forks, materials, frequencies, and their application to acupuncture points with essential oils. (6 Hours)



Introduction to the use of frequency tools like tuning forks to the reflex zones of the feet, hands, and more. (4 Hours)


Explore the exciting world of tuning forks and more on the reflex system of the Ear! Combine with essential oils for optimal balance. (4 Hrs)


Application of multiple octaves of tuning forks and crystal gemstones to the energy centers of the body. (6 Hours)


Learn the crystal structures and their qualities, and how to select crystals for balance and support. (6 Hours)

COLOR LIGHT TECHNIQUE (CLT): Trace the history of Color and Light in healing from Egypt to Medieval Church windows to 20th Century application of biophotons. Overview of equipment, qualities of colors, and intervallic relationships as color is applied to acupuncture points. (NOTE: This course is not approved for CEs by the NCBTMB.) (6 Hours)

Class Tuition:

VTF, CLT, CAT, CGT: $150 per class
VRF and VAT: $100 per class
All six classes taken together: $700–save $100!!

If registered for all six classes and paid in full 30 days or more in advance of first class, receive an additional $100 off the ala carte price of $800 bringing the tuition down to $600!

DATES AND LOCATIONS OF CLASSES: Watch for a new and upcoming schedule!

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