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Workshops & Classes 

Essential Oil Education Series

Date TBD: Learn the Chemistry of Essential Oils, what determines if an essential oil is therapeutic grade, what oils are GRAS-Generally Accepted as Safe to ingest. In this class, you will also learn what oils might be beneficial to include in a First Aid kit.

Date TBD:  In this class, we will discuss options for Detoxification and ways to improve your Peak Performance.

Date TBD: Learn about resources you can use to help facilitate Emotional Release and manage stress.

Date TBD: Learn how to blend Essential Oils and to how make your own products to use on the body and in the household that can replace products loaded with unhealthy chemicals.

Location:  Butterfly Essentials & Spiritual Healing, 4 Wallace Rd, White Salmon, WA

Cost:  $10 per class/$5 for members of my Young Living Organization

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